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The focus of this blog will be related but not limited to infosec, cybersecurity, hacking, bug bounty hunting and personal development in cybersec. I will also include writeups of hacking platforms such as Hackthebox and Tryhackme as I get through them.

If you have ideas to share, feel free to comment on my posts.


Hackers take pride in their hacker names; is the name that we use to test a login form during an assessment. I go by Cr1tter, comment yours below!

I moved to the US when I turned 18 in search of a better education; I wanted to be exposed to multiple cultures and learn about all the technology in a developed country. I grew up not having much exposure to technology; my first phone was a Nokia 1280, that is often made fun of for having three main functions: listen, call, and throw.

I understand the importance of technology in our lives. My childhood lacks access to video games and cool computers, but I was always fascinated by how computers work. Growing up with flash games, cassettes and VHS tapes, I am always amazed how far we have gotten in tech and how much more we can do with it.


I have a Computer Science degree and a lifelong security noob. I'm studying to obtain 2 certifications: AWS Solution Architect and PNPT. My dream job would be to design secure system architecture and break throughs non-secure ones.

I was lucky to have found great mentors whose words and guidance have sparked a passion in me in this field, and I want to make a blog to share all the things I learned about it, hoping it would reach someone who is on the same journey as me.

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